It’s the dreaded “M” word that every computer user cringes about.  Upgrading hardware and software, and moving assets to other locations can make things painful.  Dedicated in-house services and home grown web applications and scripts are no more for DKO.  The transition may have been a year ago but DoD network users are challenged with the changes.  The “M” word that is revered is “migration”.

Let’s break this down for a second.  When leadership mentions works like “transition”, or “changes” or even “it’s going to be great” sends people into mental agony.  Humans are creatures of habit and love their routines.  Anytime this routine is interrupted with leadership’s vision and direction, people become stressed out and panicky.

On the other hand, some users (but not many) favor the migration and want to be part of something new and usually transition to the new methods of virtual operations in a heartbeat.  These individuals can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  If they are your friend they will put the control back into the customer’s control.  If they are an enemy they will bury you or even set you back as an asset to the overall mission, and laugh in your face.  It’s a dog eat dog world when technology gets roped into the daily duties.

DKO has collapsed and support is being handled by its sister site, AKO.  Millions of users have been migrated to other domains that utilize content management systems, specifically, Microsoft’s very own collaboration tool, SharePoint.  A web interface for clients to utilize is actually pretty nice to have.  It provides a single entry point to access information.  Long gone are the days of passing documents around and keeping tracked of all the revisions.  SharePoint on AKO does all the organizing.  The hard part is pin pointing and navigating for the information needed, but once the side bar and menu links are discovered, and people naturally educate themselves, this platform actually becomes powerful and effective.  It’s also a great what for administrators to maintain because there is less overhead.

SharePoint can be exploited just like every other piece of software.  Encryption keys are issued to DKO/AKO portal users to help keep traffic sent across the wire safe.  If it’s touching a network, intel can still be gathered so those that post on the new Army Knowledge enterprise must be cautious of the information they are publishing on the public domain.  It can cause embarrassment and create a security incident that is painful for all to remediate.

To make the migration easier, just roll with it.  Learn from it, because there will be new technology coming down the pipe and there will be new methods for sharing and collaborating.  It’s inevitable that the technology is evolving so fast that society can’t catch up.  Learn the new system, and don’t be afraid to poke around on the links within the portal.  It’s also wise to treat all the information posted as classified information so due diligence is performed.