How to Install and Update a CAC Reader Driver - Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista

 How to Install and Update a CAC Reader Driver

If you have a CAC reader you may sometimes need to update the driver in it or to install a new one. Here are some directions:

First, plug the CAC reader into your computer. Some of the newer computers may start automatically start...Read More »

Using Military CAC Cards From Home

SCM Micro SCR331

Using Military CAC Cards From Home

There are many times that someone may need to use their military CAC ID card from home to access a particular website or to get to your official email. This can be done in several different ways, depending on the type of compute and the...Read More »


It’s the dreaded “M” word that every computer user cringes about.  Upgrading hardware and software, and moving assets to other locations can make things painful.  Dedicated in-house services and home grown web applications and scripts are no more for DKO.  The transition may have been a year ago but DoD...Read More »

AKO Email Exploit

Corporate espionage is increasing in the cyber world.  Although there are methods to deter and detect the transfer of protected information like classified documents and personal identification information (PII), by the time Information Assurance Officers catch on the the behavior the damage is already done.

People can understand the transfer of...Read More »

AKO Virtualization

The Army Knowledge Online platform is evolving to support its current infrastructure with fewer resources.  This is accomplished with industry best practices and standards.  If big companies and big government does not evolve with the technology they are only posing a greater risk to vulnerabilities and threats, targeting the heart...Read More »