Army OWA Migration

Army email users will like to migrate to army email service which is managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) rather than going for local Network Enterprise Centers (NEC). Army email users prefer Army OWA Migration because of the Army Outlook Web access which cannot be compared with any other one most especially those of local Network Enterprise Centers. Aside of that, the users of army OWA migration will be able to utilize the email services form the servers which are centralized in the Defense cloud department. The new strategy offer important improvement in the ability of the email users later in the future.

Joining army outlook web access will not change your email format but rather give you standard email such as those of:

Each of the group of account stated above use the right persona extension showing the persona for that particular account (mil, civ, ctr, etc). This helps to distinguish between the owners of the account. If you have a new account when you have made OWA migration, you can still continue to receive email to your old address for 180 days. It is suggested that you start recommending friends and co-workers to use the new email and change your business immediately after migrating to Army Outlook Web Access.

Before you outlook web access migration takes place, you will be sent advanced warning through every means which include mails before your migration. The mails will explain your roles in the process. In the night of the migration, you will be sent a final migration warning to tell you that the action is about to take place. This means that you must prepare for it personally before migration so that it can be successful.

OWA migration process is guided by Local Network Enterprise Centres (NESs), your unit IMO and the support personnel of the migration process. This is to help in sending mails to the users to get prepared when it is some weeks to migration. Then the mails also show them how to resolve the issues that could occur after migration.

You can access army outlook web access as soldiers, civilians and contractors form the government computer. The people with exchange accounts of the resent time should be able to use outlook web access but those that are not migrating to the system will not be able to use OWA effectively.

Issues in Army OWA

  • The email address changes to show associated military persons and branch.
  • The public folders could be changed within a short period of time through organizational mails unless the enterprise portal is made available.
  • The originality of CAC on enterprise email is not merged with the computer logon.
  • You can reconfigure your services after migration and this will need the manually centre data by the users.
  • Distribution lists will possess recreated and continually updated.