DA PAM 190–51

Risk Analysis for Army Property

This revision–

o Clarifies and simplifies procedural aspects of the risk analysis procedure (para 2-3).

o Adds new asset types–industrial and utility equipment sometimes targeted by terrorist and extremist protest groups and controlled cryptographic items (table 3-1).

o Clarifies terminology concerning asset types (table 3-1).

o Adds reference tables to enable users to determine quickly which value rating and likelihood rating tables should be used for a given asset (chaps 3 and 4).

o Removes reference to specific terrorist groups to clarify the reason for the difference between two categories of outside continental United States terrorists (table 4-1).

o Changes the quantities of aircraft and vehicles so minimum numbers correspond to the number assigned a company (table 4-11).

o Changes petroleum, oil, and lubricant quantities to reflect designated storage quantities for various sizes of support units (table 4-12).

o Authorizes exact replication of any DA or DD forms prescribed in this pamphlet generated by the automated Military Police Management Information System in place of the official printed version of the form (app A, sec III).


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