DA PAM 25–31

Forms Management, Analysis, and Design

This publication–

o Incorporates forms management information from AR 25-30, chapter 3 (chap 1).

o Significantly expands subject classification series numbers for forms filing and includes a breakdown for the 25-series information management classification (para 2-4, table 2-1).

o Expands and changes some action classification numbers for forms filing (para 2-4 and table 2-2).

o Requires SF 335 (Summary Worksheet for Estimating Forms Costs) for compiling cost information on public use and interagency report forms (para 3-4 and table 3-1).

o Requires an Agency Disclosure Notice for public reporting(public use) forms (para 3-20).

o Updates design and construction standards for forms according to General Services Administration and Department of Defense guidance (chap 3).

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