DA PAM 30–22

DA PAM 30–22
Operating Procedures for the Army Food Program
This administrative revision dated 6 February 2007-
o Updates typographical errors throughout the publication.
o Corrects administrative errors throughout the publication.
This major revision, dated 3 January 2007–
o Corrects minor editorial and typographical errors throughout the document,
adds new figures, and adjusts the figure numbers to allow for the new figure
o Provides disposition guidance for Army Food Program records identified as “K
records” by the Army Records Information Management System (AR 25-400-2)
(para 1- 5).
o Provides new and updated procedures for the installation commander, ACOM,
Installation Management Command (IMCOM), and the subordinate IMCOM Regions to
comply with the responsibilities contained in AR 30-22 (chaps 2,3,4,5, and
apps B through J).
o Deletes Table 2-1, “Duties of food advisors” (chap 2).
o Rescinds DA Form 7460.
o Contains new procedures for requesting and operating a la carte dining
facilities (chap 3).
o Provides procedures for completing the Food Service Management Plan and new
guidance to determine when review and revision of the Food Service Management
Plan is required (chap 3, app B).
o Contains new procedures for conducting usage and operational reviews of
dining facilities and for completing action plans (chap 3, app C).
o In accordance with AR 30-22, identifies $500 as the threshold for a Report of
Survey action to provide relief from loss (chap 3).
o Deletes the guidance concerning requisitioning and receiving authorizations
that was formerly contained in paragraph 3-15, and refers users to AR 30-22,
paragraph 3-21 for guidance (chap 3).
o Describes procedures for incorporating new subsistence items and conducting
comparison cuttings (chap 3).
o Provides procedures for planning meals, requisitioning, receiving,
inspecting, and safeguarding subsistence, and inventory management (chap 3).
o Details procedures for headcount, cash collection, and the use of DD Form 1544
(Cash Meal Payment Book) (chap 3).
o Combines DA Form 7170-R (Troop Issue Subsistence Activity Equipment
Replacement Record) and DA Form 3988 (Equipment Replacement Record) into
revised DA Form 3988 (chaps 3 and 5).
o Clarifies procedures for the Reserve Component Subsistence System (chap 3 and
app F).
o Copies and clarifies holiday BDFA guidance from chapter 5 and moves it to
chapter 3.
o Explains new methods for maintaining the dining facility account replacing DA
Form 3980-R (Dining Facility Account Card) with DA Form 7455 (Financial
Summary) (chap 3).
o Revises and expands the use of DA Form 4552, Kitchen Requisition, to replace
DA Form 3034-1 (Sensitive and High Dollar Item Disposition) (chap 3).
o Revises and expands the use of DA Form 2970 (Headcount Report) to replace DA
Form 3033 (Headcount Record) (chap 3).
o Provides procedures to assist in food service contract administration (chap
o Provides completion procedures for the Consolidated Food Service Equipment
Replacement and Budget Record (chap 3).
o Contains procedures for the “Connelly vs. “Connelly” Awards Program and the
Culinary Arts Competition (chap 3).
o Revises DA Forms 5415 (Garrison Category Competition Checklist) and DA Form
5416 (Field Category Competition Checklist) for Connelly Award evaluations
(chap 3).
o Changes the calendar month that data records must be available for review by
the DA Connell Program evaluation team from January to September (chap 3).
o Provides procedures for garrison support to a field environment (chap 4).
o Provides updated guidance on supplements and authorized enhancements (chap
o Revises and expands the use of DA Form 5914 (Ration Control Sheet) to replace
DA Form 5309-R (Operational Ration/Box Lunch Control Sheet) (chap 4).
o Provides procedures for operating a field kitchen and a field Class I point
(chap 4).
o Details specific handling procedures for frozen meals, ready-to-eat (chap 4).
o Provides procedures to conduct inventories and to maintain the Troop Issue
Management Activity account (chap 5).
o Contains sample standing operating procedures for headcount operations (app
o Details instructions for completing Food Service Management Board minutes
(app G).
o Prescribes new procedures and new forms for reporting unsatisfactory
subsistence (app H).
o Provides procedures for selection, cataloging, and maintenance of
subsistence items (app I).
o Provides an operational consideration plan for Army the Field Feeding System
(app J).

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