DA PAM 385–16

System Safety Management Guide

This major revision dated 13 November 2008–

o Updates guidance on the revised Army system safety and engineering and management policy (para 1-1).

o Reflects realignment of key Army staff system safety responsibilities, and reorganization of the research, development, and acquisition process (para 1-4).

o Provides guidance on the 5 step composite risk management processes (para 2-1 and fig 2-1).

o Provides guidance on communication of risk between mishap risk management and composite risk management (paras 2-2 and 2-3).

o Update terminology in the system safety program (paras 2-12 through 2-17).

o Updates Human Factors Engineering portion as a domain in Manpower and Personnel Integration (para 3-6).

o Defines Manpower and Personnel Integration and its key objectives in the System Safety Interface (para 3-8).

o Provides a Independent Safety Assessment Program and the effectiveness of the system safety program evaluation tool (app I).


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