DA PAM 385–25

Occupational Dosimetry and Dose Recording for Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

This administrative revision, dated 19 October 2012-

o Adds punctuation to ensure requirements for the issue of dosimetry are inclusive (para 3-1b(1)).

This new DA pamphlet, dated 2 October 2012–

o Revises emergency exposure dose limits to reflect new Department of Homeland Security recommendations (para 2-6).

o Expands the types of dosimeters used to provide dosimetry support to include alternate Army-approved National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program-accredited dosimetry systems (para 3-1).

o Prescribes new DA Form 7689 (Bioassay Information Summary Sheet (BISS)) with instructions to complete the form (paras 3-6h, 3-6k(1), 3-6(l),4-3, and app C).

o Identifies the radiation safety officer as being responsible for preparing and maintaining records (para 4-1).

o Changes annual reporting requirements to reflect revised U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations (para 4-8a).

o Adds investigational levels for non-U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensed materials and radiation-producing devices (para 5-2b).

o Provides updated sample of DD Form 1952 (Dosimetry Application and Record of Previous Radiation Exposure) with instructions to complete the form (app B).

o Changes the proponency of occupational dosimetry and dose recording for exposure to ionizing radiation from The Surgeon General to the Director of Army Staff (throughout).

o Reflects a name change from Army Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry Center to the U.S. Army Dosimetry Center (throughout).

o Deletes the requirement to appoint a dose records custodian (throughout).

o Eliminates dosimetry decision trees (throughout).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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