DA PAM 385–61

Toxic Chemical Agent Safety Standards

This major revision, dated 13 November 2012–

o Clarifies the requirement for maintaining air monitoring data when short-term exposure limit time-weighted average readings are above the established timeweighted average concentrations (para 3-4c).

o Requires the site-specific monitoring plan to prescribe procedures for the analysis of unexpected discrepancies and trends in chemical agent monitoring data (para 3-4f).

o Provides guidance for toxicological agents protective laundering operations (para 4-11f).

o Clarifies decontamination and disposal requirements for tools, supplies, and equipment (para 5-1d and app D).

o Requires the training of employees and supervisors, in emergency and firstaid procedures, for chemical agents and industrial chemicals (para 7-5c).

o Requires that emergency and first-aid procedures in the material safety data sheets, or prescribed by site medical authorities, be followed in the event of an exposure (para 7-5d).

o Provides notification, investigation, and reporting requirements for chemical agent mishaps (para 7-6).

o Updates requirements for monitoring at locations adjacent to toxic training areas (para 12-3h).

o Clarifies protective clothing and equipment levels at the Chemical Defense Training Facility (para 12-4).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).

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