DA PAM 385–65

Explosive and Chemical Site Plan Development and Submission

This rapid action revision, dated 20 July 2009-

o Provides authorization to use Department of Defense Explosives Safety Boardapproved risk-based methodology for approving Explosives Safety Site Plan’s that do not meet explosive safety quantity distance criteria (para 2-20).

o Corrects terminology for chemical warfare material (para 3-5).

o Clarifies the requirements for chemical safety submissions for chemical warfare materiel sites (para 3-5a, 3-5b, 3-5c, 3-5d, 3-5e, 3-5f, 3-5g, 3-5i, and 3-5s).

o Clarifies the requirement for Maximum Credible Event modeling by allowing the use of all Army/Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board-approved air  dispersion models (para 3-5h).

o Clarifies the requirements for soil sampling, chemical agent monitoring, Interim Holding Facility, transportation, protective equipment and decontamination, hazard analysis, protective action, conventional ordinance, security, and site closure plans to be described in the chemical safety submissions , not provided in their entirety (para 3-5j, 3-5k, 3-5l, 3-5m, 3-5n, 3-5o, 3-5p, 3-5q, 3-5r, and 3-5t).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).

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