DA PAM 385–90

Army Aviation Accident Prevention Program

This rapid action revision, dated 24 February 2010–

o Provides training guidance for additional-duty aviation safety officers to complete recommended training courses within 60 days of appointment (para 1-4j(3)(c)).

o Directs that safety-trained non-commissioned officers or qualified individuals will be appointed by unit commanders, in writing, to assist the aviation safety officers (para 1-4j(3)(d)).

o Directs that commanders appoint in writing, individuals to manage the command support/safety related programs (para 1-4j(12)).

o Revises the function of commanders to conduct aviation accident-prevention surveys at least annually and surveys of functional areas/sub-area within 60 days of a new program manager being appointed (paras 1-4j(16) and 2-11).

o Provides guidance on the establishment and use of Aviation Mishap Prevention (Safety) Information Bulletin Boards (paras 1-4m(6)(s) and 2-13).

o States that the aviation safety non-commissioned officer should act as recorder for the Enlisted Safety Council in units where an Enlisted Safety Council is established and maintain liaison between the Enlisted Safety Council and the Commander’s Safety Council (paras 1-4r(3) and 1-4r(4)).

o Clarifies the Enlisted Safety Council requirements (para 2-4d).

o Clarifies implementation of the Commander’s Safety Council minutes (para 2-4f).

o States that regional aviation accident prevention surveys may count toward annual accident-prevention surveys (para 2-11).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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