DA PAM 420–06

Directorate of Public Works Resource Management System

This revision–

o Changes the name of the Facilities Engineer to the Directorate of Public Works.

o Introduces the concept of the business management plan.

o Addresses the new concept of the Installation Status Report.

o Adds guidance on work management in AMC (chap 3)

o Adds guidance on Army housing work management (chap 4)

o Adds guidance on contracted DPW operations (chap 6)

o Adds guidance on environmental management (chap 7)

o Adds guidance on warranty management (chap 8)

o Adds the Directorate of Public Works Annual Awards Program(chap 9).

o Updates guidance for resource planning, work processing, and financial management to address the trends towards increased use of automation, an emphasis on business and customer-oriented management, a streamlining of work management, and the growth in the number of reimbursable customers.


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