DA Pam 5-11

Verification, Validation, and Accreditation of Army Models and Simulations

This revision−

∙ Designates Army Models and Simulations (M&S) fall under three mission activity domains: Training, Exercises, and Military Operations (TEMO); Research, Development, and Acquisition (RDA), and Advanced Concepts and Requirements (ACR) (para 1-4).

∙ Modifies data Verification, Validation, & Certification (VV&C) to data V&V and Accreditation (para 2-5 a.).

∙ Modifies the M&S life-cycle management to accurately represent what happens including model VV&A and data V&V and Accreditation (para 2-2).

∙ Incorporates Knowledge Acquisition and Knowledge Engineering in the M&S life cycle (paras 2-2 a(6) and (7)).

∙ Incorporates the Army M&S Standards Development Process (para 2-7).

∙ Incorporates guidance for the High-Level Architecture (HLA) for federates and federations (para 5-3).

∙ Incorporates M&S Resource Repository (MSRR) (para 6-6).

∙ Revises how data is used and managed in M&S (para 6-6).

∙ Identifies the Authoritative Data Source (ADS) Library as the location for DoD data sources (para 6-5).

∙ Identifies the Army Standards Repository System (ASTARS) as the location for data standards (para 6-7).

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