DA PAM 50–5

Nuclear Accident or Incident Response and Assistance (NAIRA) Operations

This pamphlet–

o Supersedes Training Circular (TC) 3-15, Nuclear Accident and Incident Response and Assistance (NAIRA), 27 December 1988. Eliminates the responsibilities of Army commanders to respond to accidents involving Army nuclear weapons or Army nuclear weapon delivery systems. The Army no longer possesses these assets.

o Highlights general guidance for responding to radiological emergencies involving both nuclear weapons and nuclear reactor facilities. This chapter is general in nature and directs the reader to previously published and approved procedures (chap 2).

o Clarifies response requirements for accidents occurring at one of the Army’s nuclear reactors. Because of the absence of explosive material in a reactor, and the physical construction of a nuclear reactor facility, there exists an inherent ability to restrict the spread of contamination should an accident occur. The actions taken to prevent contamination and damage to personnel and property are significantly different from the actions taken in an accident involving a nuclear weapon (chap 3).

o Summarizes the objectives of each element responding to a nuclear accident. Although many of the actions required to successfully recover from a nuclear accident or incident will have inputs from several  sponders, specified elements (chap 4) will be responsible and will monitor each objective.


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