DA PAM 600–3

Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management
This major revision, dated 1 February 2010–

  • Incorporates desired officer characteristics, under the Officer Personnel Management System, from Army Field Manual 3.0 Operations. Adds officerbroadening concepts at the grades of major and above. Incorporates Joint Officer Qualification System information (chap 3).
  • Adds information on the evolution of the Officer Education System to incorporate agile and adaptive leader educational paths (chap 4). Incorporates extensive details on Reserve Component development, education, and utilization of officers (chap 7). Updates the human resources area of concentration to reflect a consolidation of services under the Adjutant General Branch (chap 36).
  • Consolidates functions and officer development for the Finance Corps Branch and the Comptroller functional area into a single Financial Management Branch (chaps 37 and 38).
  • Adds a chapter on the electronic warfare officer, to reflect a new functional area (chap 38).
  • Standardizes chapter content across branches and functional areas (throughout).
  • Adds Web links to supporting content (throughout).
  • Updates the developmental models for functional areas (throughout).
  • Makes administrative changes (throughout).

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