DA PAM 600–60

A Guide to Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment

o Rewords social calls (chap 1).

o Deletes general guidelines in introductions and adds the word “gender” (chap 1).

o Rewords completely engraved invitations (chap 2).

o Corrects to state that a printed invitation usually starts with the host of an event on the first line (chap 2).

o Adds that telephone Invitations may be used where there is extremely short notice (chap 2).

o Adds an explanation of telefax invitations (chap 2).

o Changes reply of a married couple to a formal invitation when only one can attend (chap 2).

o Removes informal invitations and corresponding figure (chap 2).

o Removes reference to a sample reception and receiving line checklist (chap 3).

o Changes reference to carpet at receiving line (chap 3).

o Adds guidance regarding a woman standing at the end of the receiving line (chap 3).

o Clarifies guidance regarding position of receiving line in a room (chap 3).

o Removes guidance of alphabetical flag display (chap 3).

o Adds the order of precedence of Service flags (chap 3).

o Changes guidance regarding display of personal flags of attendees (chap 3).

o Removes guidance regarding formal dinners and exceptions (chap 3).

o Adds guidance regarding an interpreter at a dinner (chap 3).

o Adds guidance regarding toasts and prisoners of war (chap 3).

o Changes “musical and cannon salutes” title (chap 4).

o Adds samples for sequence of events of retirement, award, promotion, and retreat ceremonies (chap 4).

o Expands guidance on finials (chap 4).

o Changes guidance regarding streamers facing forward (chap 4).

o Revises guidance explaining the need for rules of precedence (chap 5).

o Removes reference to precedence among married, divorced, widowed, and unmarried women (chap 5).

o Revises the example of visiting official (chap 5).

o Consolidates guidance regarding seating of foreign visitors (chap 5).

o Clarifies guidance regarding seating and persons on promotion lists (chap 5).

o Changes seating of Sergeant Major of the Army to follow that of the Director of the Army Staff, a four-star general, or an equivalent rank civilian (chap 5).

o Adds table 6-1 titles and forms of address for Vice President, Govenor of a State, warrant officer, and enlisted personnel (chap 6).

o Changes the guidance regarding menu restrictions by adding table 7-1 (chap 7).

o Places updated references list in appendix A.

o Places official toasts in appendix C.

o Updates the precedence list and places it in appendix D.


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