DA PAM 600–8–101

Personnel Processing (In-, Out-, Soldier Readiness, Mobilization, and Deployment Processing)

This new pamphlet describes the procedures for–

o In-processing soldiers into the gaining Army installation and reintegration (the processing required when soldiers return from a deployment) (chap 2).

o Out-processing soldiers for departure from the losing Army installation and for demobilization (chap 3).

o The Soldier Readiness Program and mobilization processing (chap 4).

o Processing soldiers for extended periods of temporary duty (90 or more days) (chap 5), individual temporary changes of station (chap 6), and unit deployments (chap 6).

o Processing soldiers for individual and unit redeployments either back to the home station or to another contingency theater of operations/temporary change of station (chap 7).


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