DA PAM 611–21

Military Occupational Classification and Structure

This administrative revision, dated 26 April 2012–

o Updates Web site references from https://perscomnd04.army.mil/MOSMARTBK.nsf/ to https://smartbook.armyg1.pentagon.mil/ (throughout).

This major revision, dated 22 January 2007–

o Restructures Army occupational information, giving immediate access to changes to this pamphlet. This information can be found at the following Web site https://perscomnd04.army.mil/MOSMARTBK.nsf/.

o Incorporates all approved changes from 31 March 1999 to present throughout the publication.

o Incorporates a listing of consolidated military and civilian career fields and principal coordination points by personnel proponent. Tables have been transferred from AR 600-3 and incorporated into a new chapter (chap 15).


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