DA PAM 70–3

Army Acquisition Procedures

This rapid action revision, dated 1 April 2009–

o Updates acquisition program baseline requirements and procedures (paras 2-4 and 10-10 through 10-18).

o Changes the requirement for a post implementation review for Major Automated Information Systems to 6 to 12 months after reaching initial operational capability (para 7-18c).

o Adds information and procedures for Configuration Steering Boards (para 8-10).

o Adds acquisition procedures for clothing and individual equipment (paras 10-60 and 10-61).

o Provides information on periodic reporting requirements for acquisition programs (paras 10-57 through 10-59).

o Replaces information on type classification with direction to see AR 700-142 and DA Pam 700-142 for type classification and materiel release policy and procedures (paras 10-1 and 10-2).

o Adds Major Automated Information Systems program baseline breach procedures (para 10-17).

o Changes the Milestone Decision Authority for Major Automated Information Systems from the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration) to the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics) (throughout).

o Changes Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Policy and Procurement) to Deputy Assistant Secretary (Procurement) (throughout).

o Changes Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Integrated Logistics Support) to Deputy Assistant Secretary (Acquisition Policy and Logistics) (throughout).

o Updates information to reflect terminology changes brought about by the publication of DODI 5000.02 (throughout).


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