DA PAM 700–142

Instructions for Materiel Release, Fielding, and Transfer

This major revision, dated 25 June 2010–

o Adds type classification procedures and process flow chart (chap 2).

o Revises materiel release procedures and adds materiel release process flow chart (chap 3).

o Replaces U.S. Army total package fielding offices figure with a new table 4-1 (chap 4).

o Updates materiel release of software with new procedures to align with policy in AR 700-142 (app B).

o Revise type classification materiel release, fielding, and transfer process checklist to synchronize with policy in AR 700-142 (app C).

o Replaces figures D-1 through D-4 with new tables D-1 through D-4 (app D).

o Updates materiel fielding plan distribution and copy requirements to reflect coordination points of contact (table E-1).

o Adds Army acquisition logistician assessment 3-15 (app G).

o Adds new figure information for Army Acquisition Logistician Assessment 3-15 (fig G-1 through fig G-5).

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