DA PAM 700–56

Logistics Supportability Planning and Procedures in Army Acquisition

This administrative revision, dated 21 April 2006–

o Corrects an omission to figure C-1.

o Updates references in appendix A.

This administrative revision, dated 16 February 2006–

o Corrects an omission in appendix C.

o Adds missing fields to the Supportability Strategy Outline in figure C-1.

This new pamphlet, dated 5 December 2005–

o Consolidates DA Pamphlet 700-55 and DA Pamphlet 700-29.

o Provides procedures for performance-based logistics (para 1-5 and chap 7).

o Adds procedures for ILS management of Joint Programs (chap 2, sec V).

o Provides procedures for supportability planning throughout the life cycle (chaps 3, 4, 5, and 6).

o Adds procedures for condition based maintenance (para 11-7 and chap 19).

o Adds procedures for logistics demonstration (para 12-4; 12-5)

o Adds procedures for software supportability (chap 14).

o Provides procedures for supportability metrics (app B).

o Adds procedures and format for the supportability strategy (app C).


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