DA PAM 710–2–1

Using Unit Supply System (Manual Procedures)

This revision–

o Revises and changes COMSEC procedures throughout.

o Changes the address for submission of requests for clarification (para 1-6).

o Lists requirements to be included in Requests for Deviation (para 1-6).

o Excludes USAR units from submitting reports of supply constraints for unfinanced requirements, if the requirements have already been identified through budget submissions (para 1-8).

o Adds new information to show new time standards for requisitions with a specific RDD (table 2-2).

o Deletes instructions for requesting Modifications Work Orders (para 2-13).

o Changes the address for source of COMSEC materiel (througout).

o Adds status listings to the due-in status files (para 2-21).

o Allows the unit commanders’ next higher headquarters to authorize turn-in or transfer of property no longer needed or authorized by VTAADS (para 3-5).

o Adds procedures for transfer of property among Army components (paras 3-14 and 3-15).

o Explains the procedure for the turn-in of IMPE equipment when instructed by the Software Management Support Department (SMSD) (para 3-15).

o Deletes the requirements to account for commissary store equipment (para 4-1).

o Adds the requirement to account for property that has been donated to the Army (para 4-1v).

o Adds the requirement to account for all abandoned property that is under the control of the Army (4-1w).

o Adds the requirement for “other on hand items” not otherwise authorized by paragraph 4-1 (para 4-2).

o Explains when the commander’s assumption of command orders are used in lieu of the PBO appointment memorandum (para 4-4).

o Requires units to continue to report changes under CBS-X throughout wartime (para 4-28a).

o Changes the U.S. Army Central Vehicle Registry maintained by USAMC from MRSA to LOGSA (para 4-28).

o Explains how to account for support items authorized separately in authorization documents (para 4-35).

o Explains exemptions from property book accountability for copiers leased under a “cost per copy” contract (para 4-39).

o Changes requirements in accountability for the property book level  accountable officer’s statement (para 5-2).

o Adds procedures for loans of equipment among Army components (para 5-4).

o Deletes all reference to DD Form 1131 throughout.

o Adds procedures for loans of ARNG and USAR equipment (para 5-5).

o Lists class of supplies authorized under operational loads (para 7-1a(2)).

o Deletes definition of combat prescribed loads (para 7-1a(4)).

o Changes listed USAMC activities from USACDA/MRSA to LOGSA (chap 8).

o Clarifies the term Initial Mandatory Parts List (IMPL) (chap 8).

o Changes the prescribed number of days for the ARNG (para 8-1a).

o Adds the due-in status file to the PLL records (para 8-1g).

o Changes repair parts stockage codes at organizational level that agree with codes used at the SSA.

o Revises figures 8-3, 8-4, and 8-5 to shown new stockage codes.

o Adds figure 8-6 to show a sample of an Initial Mandatory Parts List.

o Specifies the number of DA Forms 3645/3645-1 copies required for USAR OCIE transactions (para 10-6a).

o Specifies what items can be summarized in the ARNG/USAR (para 10-7a).

o Authorizes the unit commander in the USAR, the issue of camouflage maternity uniforms (para 10-9a).

o Explains procedures for transfer of AAFA/AASF/AVCRAD OCIE issued to individuals in the event of mobilization (para 10-21c (3)).

o Changes office authority for ammunition procedures in chapter 11.

o Changes the date of the monthly POL inventory (para 12-21c).

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