DA PAM 73–1

This Army pamphlet implements the policies contained in Army Regulation 73-1.
Specifically it–
o Consolidates seven Department of the Army pamphlets: DA Pamphlet 73-1, 73-2,
73-3, 73-4, 73-5, 73-6, and 73-7.
o Provides an overview of the test and evaluation (T&E) process in support of
Army systems acquisition (chap 1).
o Describes the T&E Working-level Integrated Product Team (chap 2).
o Provides detailed guidance and procedures for the preparation, staffing, and
approval of the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) (chap 3).
o Provides an overview of the Army Critical Operational Issues and Criteria
(COIC) development and approval processes (chap 4).
o Provides an overview of the Army System Evaluation and System Assessment
process (chap 5).
o Provides an overview of Army developmental and operational testing processes
(chap 6).

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