DA PAM 738–751

Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System—Aviation (TAMMS-A)
This revision–

o Adds an Aircraft Transfer Decision Table (chap 1).

o Converts the removal/achievement codes back to failure codes (chap 1).

o Adds procedures for the Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation (chaps 1, 2, 3, and 4).

o Introduces DA Form 2408-14-1 (Uncorrected Fault Record Aircraft) (chap 2). DA Form 2408-14 (Uncorrected Fault Record) will no longer be used for aviation equipment.

o Incorporates Standard Army Maintenance System procedures (chap 3).

o Adds procedures for documentation of component repair at Aviation Intermediate Maintenance and depot levels of maintenance (chap 3).

o Adds phase maintenance and periodic inspection documentation procedures (chap 3).

o Adds information on migrating automated DA Form 2410 (Component Removal and Repair/Overhaul Record) data (chap 3).

o Changes DA Form 2410 and instructions. Therefore, the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command’s Guide/Workbook for the DA Form 2410, The Army Maintenance Management System Aviation (TAMMS-A), October 1992, is obsolete (chap 3).

o Adds instructions for DA Form 2408-16 (Aircraft Component Historical Record) and DA Form 2410 to track aircraft survivability equipment electronic countermeasures and avionics systems Line Replaceable Units that have software installed (chaps 3 and 4).

o Incorporates the forms and records instructions published in TB 1-2840-248-20-2 (One Time Inspection and Conversion of Forms and Records for T700, 701, and 701C Series Gas Turbine Engines) (chaps 3 and 4).

o Incorporates the forms and records instructions published in TB 1-2840-214-20-1 (One Time Inspection of Forms and Records for H-60 Series Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units) (chaps 3 and 4).

o Adds DA Form 2408-33-R (Meter Tracked Component Record) and instructions for tracking countermeasure set, AN/ALQ-144A (chap 4).

o Incorporates the forms and records instructions published in TB 55-1520-238-23 (AH-64A Components Requiring Maintenance Management and Historical Data) (chap 4).

o Adds Aviation Life Support Equipment and Aviation Night Vision Goggle recordkeeping procedures (chap 5).

o Changes DA Form 2408-25 (Mesh Net Survival Vest Inspection Record) to include first aid components (chap 5).

o Discontinues use of DA Form 2409 (Equipment Maintenance Log Consolidated) for aircraft and aviation associated equipment use.

o Rescinds DA Form 2408-15-1 (Warranty Identification Card).

o Rescinds DA Form 2408-5-2 (Equipment Modification Record).

o Rescinds DA Form 2408-32, (Jet Fuel Conversion Chart).

o Rescinds DA Form 5504 and 5504-1, (Maintenance Request and Continuation Sheet (SAMS)).


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