DA PAM 750–1

Commanders’ Maintenance Handbook

This major revision, dated 2 February 2007–

o Changes the title of the publication to reflect the expanded scope and the evolution in Army maintenance practice toward predictive/proactive maintenance practices in the interest of unit readiness and mission accomplishment.

o Recognizes the Army Maintenance Standard as the objective of unit maintenance programs in all Army deployable organizations (chap 1).

o Outlines the growing role of the Army Condition Based Maintenance-Plus Initiative for commanders, leaders, supervisors, soldiers, and any augmentation personnel that support them (chap 2).

o Requires commanders at all levels to provide time, personnel, maintenance skills, space, and other resources (chap 2).

o Emphasizes the urgent need for tactical maintenance augmentation support to modification table of organization and equipment maintenance operations in peacetime garrison operations and cites the policy for obtaining the resources (chap 2).

o Explains the roles and uses of maintenance management metrics in mission accomplishment for leaders and managers at all levels of command, with emphasis on manpower (chap 2).

o Recognizes the restructuring of Army maintenance that reallocates some higher level, more complex maintenance tasks and capabilities from combat service support commands to combat and combat support organizations at battalion level and below (chap 3).

o Identifies and explains the capabilities of transitional Army maintenance software (the Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced) (chap 4).

o Highlights the need for accurate, timely, and complete historical maintenance data (chap 4) .

o Identifies and references the capabilities of supply support systems (chap 4).

o Provides guidance on the role of the Army Logistics Support Agency as the Army maintenance database of record and on how leaders, managers, and commanders can use this resource to assist them (chap 4).

o Details the uses of the Integrated Logistics Analysis Program reports (chap 4).

o Identifies Army maintenance programs such as Maintenance Awards, the Army Oil Analysis Program, and the Army Maintenance Regeneration Enablers for leader/soldier use (chap 6).


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