DA PAM 750–8

DA PAM 750–8
The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users Manual
This administrative revision, dated 14 September 2011-
o Corrects figure 2-5.
This administrative revision, dated 22 August 2005–
o Revises the definition of “HORIZONTAL DASH” (para 3-10e(3).
o Corrects typographical and spelling errors and clarifies instructions.
This major revision, dated 25 February 2005–
o Revises chapter 1.
o Revises DA Form 2401 (Organization Control Record for Equipment) and DA Form
2402 (Exchange Tag) (chap 2); DD Form 314 (Preventive Maintenance Schedule
and Record) (chap 3); DA Form 2405 and DA Form 2408-5 (Equipment Modification
Record) (chap 5); and DA Form 5587 (Report of Drydocking, Painting, and
Condition of Vessel Bottom) (chap 6).
o Updates the majority of examples of completed forms used as figures (chaps 2,
3, 4, 5 and 10).
o Adds guidance to administratively deadline equipment when past-due services
exceed the 10 percent variance (chap 3).
o Revises low-usage criteria (chap 3).
o Synchronizes the application of a 10 percent variance in performance of
scheduled services for both automated and manual procedures (chap 3).
o Modifies the disposition instruction for DA Form 5990-E (Maintenance Request)
(chap 3).
o Provides updated major subordinate command addresses for field warranty claim
actions (chap 3).
o Revises instructions for FAA Form 6030-1 (Facility Maintenance to comply with
Federal Aviation Agency Order 6000.15C (para 3-20).
o Moves Army Oil Analysis Program sampling intervals and instructions to
Technical Bulletin 43-0211 (chap 4).
o Updates instructions and figures for weapons record data in DA Form 2408-4
(Weapon Record Data) (chap 5).
o Rescinds U.S. Army Communications Security Equipment Modification
Application Reporting System (RCSNSA 71028) to comply with National Security
Agency guidance, U.S. Army Communications Security Logistics Activity, ATTN:
USACSLA (B16), Fort Huachuca, AZ, and direction and policy outlined in AR 750-
o Updates information and figures on ammunition records and procedures and
deletes requirements for the ammunition peculiar equipment report (chap 8).
o Updates procedures for reporting quality deficiency reports (chap 10).
o Synchronizes this pamphlet with AR 750-1.
o Rescinds DA Form 2409 (Equipment Maintenance Log (Consolidated).

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