AR 1-75 SECNAVINST 4900.49 AFJI 16-104

Administrative and Logistical Support of Overseas Security Assistance Organizations (SAOs)

This revision—

∙ Incorporates changes to internal DOD policy  (paras 1-4a(1), 1-4b(3), 1-4d(1), 1-4d(3), 1-5, 2-3c(4), 2-4d, 2-6a, 3-1, 3-1a, 3-1b, 3-4c, 3-5c, 3-5f, 4-2a, 4-5a(5), 4-5a(6), 4-5a(7), 4-5b(4), 4-5d, 4-7f(2), and chap 6).

∙ Incorporates changes involving activities supporting SAOs (paras 3-9d, 4-1a, 5-5g(2), and 5-6d(2)(a)).


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