AR 11–6

Army Foreign Language Program

This major revision, dated 31 August 2009–

o Changes the requirement for the Army Language and Cultural Enterprise to meet quarterly (para 1-5).

o Makes significant changes to chapter 5. Specifically– clarifies Defense Language Proficiency Test eligibility; changes authority to attend language dependent military occupational specialty school; clarifies the annual foreign language testing requirement; changes the remediation period required to maintain the Army’s minimum foreign language proficiency standard; and clarifies oral proficiency interview requirements (chap 5).

o Clarifies and revises policy for Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers’ eligibility for Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus and the foreign language modalities eligible for Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (chap 6).

o Clarifies the management of linguist career development, utilization, and reutilization (chap 7).

o Clarifies when a Soldier in a language dependent military occupational specialty does not meet the minimum Army foreign language proficiency standard and is non-military occupational specialty-qualified (chap 9).

o Establishes Department of the Army Civilian Foreign Language Proficiency Program policy (chap 11).


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