AR 135–155

Promotion of Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers Other Than General Officers

This revision dated 13 July 2004–

o Replaces U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Command with U.S. Army Human Resources Command St. Louis throughout the regulation.

o Replaces AR-PERSCOM with HRC St. Louis throughout the regulation.

o Changes U.S. Army Personnel Command with U.S. Army Human Resources Command throughout the regulation.

o Changes PERSCOM to HRC throughout the regulation.

o Replaces ODCSPER with DCS, G-1 throughout the regulation.

o Replaces DCSPER with DCS, G-1 throughout the regulation.

o Changes supplementation statement to reflect a different office.

o Changes suggested improvements statement with a different office.

This revision dated 24 October 2001–

o Incorporates Reserve Officer Personnel Management Act provisions throughout the regulation.

o Revises promotion TIG dates (table 2-1).

o Eliminates time-in-service requirement for promotion (table 2-1).

o Eliminates Senate confirmation for promotion to lieutenant colonel (para 4-10).

o Establishes competitive categories for mandatory promotions (para 2-5).

o Provides for Active Guard Reserve and troop program unit position vacancy promotions (paras 2-13 and 2-14).

o Adds new policy on special selection board consideration versus promotion advisory board consideration (para 3-19).

o Addresses entry on active duty during promotion consideration (para 3-18).

o Adds policy on voluntary delay of promotion (para 4-22).

o Discusses declination of promotion (para 4-28).

o Replaces unit vacancy promotions with position vacancy promotion (paras 2-13 and 2-14).

o Restricts promotion of Army Medical Department in below-grade positions and overstrength position to Medical Corps and Dental Corps officers (para 4-9).

o Requires a baccalaureate degree for promotion to captain except in certain cases (para 2-9).

o Provides for evidence of required civilian and military education not later than the day before the selection board convening date (paras 2-8 and 2-9).

o Revises requirements for de facto status (para 3-18).

o Changes requirements for transfer procedures (para 3-17 and throughout).

o Establishes an involuntary delay procedure for AGR officers(para 4-9).

o Establishes date of rank and effective date of promotion after an involuntary delay (para 4-9).

o Revises requirements for promotion on transfer to the Retired Reserve (para 4-20).

o Adds procedures for promotion ceremonies that specifically preclude frocking for the Reserve of the Army (para 5-3).

o Includes revised formats for promotion memorandums (figs 4-3 through 4-15).

o Lists a format for voluntary delay endorsement (figs 4-16 and 4-17)).

o Revises format for declination endorsement (figs 4-18 and 4-19).

o Changes format for second nonselection for promotion to captain, major, and lieutenant colonel (figs 4-23 through 4-25).

o Prescribes a format for promotion ceremonies (fig 5-1)

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