AR 135–18

The Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program

This rapid action revision, dated 1 November 2004–

o Removes the attachment of U.S. Army Reserve Active Guard Reserve (AGR) soldiers to their AGR positions by assignment, in lieu of attachment (chp 3).

o Updates appendix A.

This revision, dated 10 December 2003–

o Authorizes U.S. Army Reserve enlisted soldiers, promoted prior to AGR entry, to be advanced in grade and skill level, and considered for AGR duty at the higher grade without further board action, consistent with the needs of the AGR program (para 2-5d).

o Authorizes the release from active duty full-time/National Guard duty of those soldiers who do not achieve an acceptable level of performance during an initial entry tour (para 2-6a).

o Replaces the term “active Federal service” with “active service” throughout the regulation.

o Replaces all references to the Commander, U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center (ARPERCEN) and the Commanding General, U.S. Total Army Personnel Command with Commanding General, Human Resources Command.

o Clarifies and revises tables 2-1 through 2-6 as follows:

–Adds initial entry military education qualifications for warrant officers and enlisted soldiers (table 2-1, rule D).

–Changes the years of service a soldier must be able to fulfill, on an initial AGR tour, prior to completing 18 years of active service (AS), from 5 years to the initial AGR tour period of 3 years (table 2-1, rule E).

–Changes, clarifies, and differentiates the grade and specialty initial entry qualifications for ARNGUS and USAR enlisted soldiers (table 2-1, rule F).

–Adds an initial entry promotion qualification (table 2-1, rule J).

–Omits waiver requests for lieutenants and captains, with less than 5 years time in grade, who have not completed a basic officer course (table 2-2, rule A).

–Due to central management, omits military education qualifications for subsequent duty in the AGR Program for all USAR officers and ARNGUS lieutenants or captains who have not completed a basic officer course (table 2-4, rule D).

o Revises authorized AGR duties under 10 USC 12301(d) (para 3-1b).

o Discontinues an annual continuation board for USAR officers (para 4-6).

o Excludes enlisted AS from computation of accrued years of service for AGR warrant and commissioned warrant officer’s mandated release from active duty (REFRAD), unless the needs of the Army require a warrant officer’s or commissioned warrant officer’s separation after attaining 20 years of total AS (para 4-7).

o Omits the requirement for an officer or warrant officer to request continuation beyond 20 years of active service (para 4-7b).

o Announces an ARNGUS tour continuation board to retain AD/FTNGD enlisted soldiers beyond 20 years of AS (para 4-7e).


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