AR 135–381

Incapacitation of Reserve Component Soldiers

This rapid action revision dated 27 December 2006-

o Clarifies that the Chief, Army Reserve has overall responsibility for staff supervision and management of incapacitation of Army Reserve (para 1-4a(1)).

o Removes the authority to determine the Soldier’s entitlement for incapacitation payment from the Army Reserve Pay Office and assigns this office to process completed paperwork from the approving authority (para 1-4e).

o Adds responsibilities for the State Adjutants General (para 1-4k).

o Clarifies how DA Form 2173 (Statement of Medical Examination and Duty) can be used in the interim to initiate paperwork for incapacitation payments and specifies a time period of how long this interim is valid for payment purposes (para 1-4m and 1-10).

o Adds a statement that incapacitation pay can be collected if the final line of duty investigation determines the injury, illness, or disease was not incurred in the line of duty (para 1-10c).

o Clarifies who is responsible for managing incapacitation claims for up to and greater than 6 months (para 1-12a).

o Adds the U.S. Army Special Operations Command and direct reporting units to certify the authorization of incapacitation pay (para 1-13c).

o Clarifies when Soldiers receive incapacitation pay and Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation for the same disabling condition (paras 1-13k and 2-3e(6)).

o Clarifies the policy on receiving Social Security disability payments and incapacitation payments (para 2-3e(7)).

o Clarifies the policy on receiving welfare payments and incapacitation payments at the same time (para 2-3e(8)).

o Makes administrative changes throughout.

This major revision, dated 29 August 2005–

o Now includes the United States Army Reserve Command and Human Resources Command–St. Louis in responsibilities (para 1-4).

o Implements Department of Defense Instruction 1241.2 (paras 1-4k, 2-3a, and 2-12).

o Updates information on policy and qualifications for incapacitation pay throughout regulation (paras 1-6, 1-8, and 1-9).

o Provides reference to the new Department of Defense Publication 7000.14-R, which provides guidance on military pay policy and procedures (paras 1-6a, 1-8a, 1-9, 2-2e, and 2-3e(8).

o Removes all incapacitation submission procedures and incorporates them into Department of the Army Pamphlet 135-381 (paras 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4).


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