AR 135–91

Service Obligations, Methods of Fulfillment, Participation Requirements, and Enforcement Procedures

This rapid action revision dated 1 February 2005-

o Changes notification procedures for unexcused absences (para 4-15).

o Changes Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel to Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 (throughout).

o Changes U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Command to U.S. Army Human Resources Command St. Louis (throughout).

o Changes AR-PERSCOM to HRC-St. Louis (throughout).

o Changes SF 88 to DD Form 2808 (throughout).

This revised Department of the Army Regulation–

o Supersedes AR 135-91, 1 September 1994, IO 2, 19 Jun 96 and change 15 that was previously published in the Reserve Components Personnel Handbook, UPDATE Issue 23, 1 September 1994.

o Implements provisions of Public Law 103-337, 5 October 1994, which repealed, transferred, or reenacted specific sections of the law pertaining to active duty used throughout this regulation; specifically introducing the Reserve Officer Personnel Management Act (ROPMA).

o Retitles AR 135-91.

o Revises and clarifies policy regarding service obligations and participation requirements of the ARNGUS and USAR soldiers. The following are major changes and additions contained within this revision–

o Changes Tables addressing the 8-year military service obligation have been updated and clarified. Tables addressing the 6-year military service obligation have been rescinded.

o Changes AR 135-91. It will be the prescribing directive of DA Form 3540 (Certificate and Acknowledgement of Service Requirements and Methods of Fulfillment in the U.S. Army Reserve). DA Form 3540 will replace the current 3540 series and the DA Form 4688 series.

o Changes satisfactory participation requirements for IRR soldiers and IMAs. Separately addressed (paras 3-2 and 3-3).

o Changes unsatisfactory participation criteria for IRR soldiers and IMAs. Separately addressed (paras 4-6 and 4-7).

o Adds the muster requirement to paragraph 3-3, which addresses satisfactory participation of control group soldiers.

o Adds an index.


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