Active Duty in Support of the United States Army Reserve (USAR) and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Management Program

Change 2. This change–

o Clarifies the role of the CAR in the position allocation process (para 2-2b).

o Rescinds the concept of MUSARC (ARCOM/GOCOM) accession boards for entrance into the AGR Program (para 3-4).

o Explains in greater detail the meaning of the term ’material error’ as it applies to continuation boards (para 3-7g(2) (a.2)).

o Clarifies and further develops the conditions which justify compassionate reattachment or a joint domicile action (para 4-2).

o Outlines the conditions under which the various orders affecting AGR soldiers should be punished and identify who should publish them (para 5-8).

o Describes procedures for detailing AGR soldiers (para 5-9).


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