AR 140–483

Army Reserve Land and Facilities Management

This major revision, dated 24 July 2007-

o Introduces the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, the Installation Management Command, the Army Reserve Installations Directorate, and the Army Reserve Regional Readiness Sustainment Commands (paras 1-6, 1-8, and 1-13).

o Establishes the responsibilities of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management; the commander, the Installation Management Command; the Director, Army Reserve Installations Directorate; commanders, USARfunded installations and Regional Readiness Sustainment Commands; and  commanders of units using Army Reserve facilities (paras 1-6 through 1-15).

o Establishes an Army Reserve Construction Requirements Review Committee (para 1-7j and 4-8).

o Introduces a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Center of Standardization for the Army Reserve (para 1-11c).

o Updates Space Guidelines for Army Reserve Facilities (appendix B).


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