AR 165–1

Army Chaplain Corps Activities

This major revision, dated 3 December 2009–

o Provides new guidelines incorporating decisions from Garrison function initiatives which detail new relationships and responsibilities for Chaplains (chap 1).

o Provides a new chapter describing Chaplain Assistant roles and responsibilities (chap 4).

o Provides new policies on religious education personnel, contracting civilian clergy, and chapel volunteers/faith group leaders (chap 5).

o Describes the Chaplain Professional Reinforcement Training as the next model to blend education, unit training, and self-development into a life long learning process (chap 9).

o Updates Chaplain Reserve component requirements (chap 10).

o Addresses religious support during Transformation and includes ministry in the joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational environment (chap 17).

o Updates Internal Control Evaluation Checklists (apps C, D, and E).

o Describes the Army Chaplaincy Strategic Plan as the primary planning document to merge Chaplaincy activities with the Army Campaign Plan (throughout).

o Presents a revised format which describes the principles of Chaplain Activities through chapter narratives while accounting for more detail or explanation in easy to use and updated tables of information (throughout).

o Eliminates the term Installation Chaplain and describes new terms for Senior Chaplaincy Leadership (throughout).

o Eliminates the term Command Religious Program. Introduces Command Master Religious Plan as the primary planning document to merge Chaplaincy activities with the command (throughout).


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