AR 190–14

Carrying of Firearms and Use of Force for Law Enforcement and Security Duties

This revision–

o Implements applicable portions of Department of Defense Directive 5210.56.

o Clearly establishes minimum qualification requirements for military police and Department of the Army law enforcement and security personnel (para 2-3).

o Expands authorization documentation options for authorizing officials (para 2-4).

o Limits and controls the carrying of firearms by Department of the Army military and civilian personnel (para 2-6).

o Prohibits the carrying of non-Government owned or issued weapons or ammunition (para 2-6).

o Prohibits carrying of firearms by persons taking prescription drugs or other medication that may cause drowsiness or impair reaction or judgment (para 2-7).

o Prohibits consumption of alcohol within 8 hours of carrying firearm or flying in aircraft (paras 2-7 and 4-3).

o Requires the use of deadly force with firearms be applied equally to personnel using a weapon or equipment which, when properly employed in their intended application, would exert deadly force (para 3-2).


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