AR 190–16/*OPNAVINST 5530.15A/*AFR 207–4/*MCO 5500.13A/*DLAR 5710.4

Physical Security

This revision–

o Mandates that major command or second echelon commanders develop local security threat statements (chap 1).

o Suggests that intrusion detection systems be considered to augment other physical security procedures, devices, and equipment for aircraft security planning (chap 3).

o Prescribes security force equipment and security procedures for the protection of aircraft (chap 3).

o Incorporates a nonalert aircraft security requirements matrix (chap 3).

o Clarifies security procedures for critical communications facilities both on and off military installations (chap 5).

o Incorporates DOD-approved progressive levels of terrorist threat to U.S. military facilities and personnel (app B).


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