AR 190–45

Law Enforcement Reporting

This major revision, dated 30 March 2007–

o Consolidates AR 190-45, Law enforcement Reporting, AR 190-40, Serious Incident Report, AR 190-29, Misdemeanors and Uniform Violation Notices Referred to U.S. Magistrate or District Courts, and AR 190-27, Army Participation in Criminal Justice Information Systems, Federal Bureau of Investigation, into one regulation.

o Modifies the offense codes in the 5D series (table 4-1).

o Establishes offense codes for self injury without intent to avoid service; protection orders; domestic violence evidence; fraudulent enlistment, appointment or separation; check worthless, making and uttering by dishonorably failing to maintain funds; and registration of sex offender (table 4-1).

o Adds a requirement to send a copy of a Military Police Report to United States Army Reserve Command when a Reserve Soldier is listed as the subject of an offense (para 4-7).

o Incorporates revisions that address sexual assault reporting and evidence handling procedures (para 4-15).

o Incorporates restricted reporting procedures for certain domestic violence cases (para 4-16).


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