AR 190–5/OPNAV 11200.5D/AFI 31–218(I)/MCO 5110.1D/DLAR 5720.1

Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision

This administrative revision, dated 22 May 2006–

o Changes the Marine Corps number from MCO 5110.1C to MCO 5110.1D (cover).

o Makes administrative changes throughout.

This major revision, dated 25 January 2006–

o Changes the proponency of the regulation from Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 to the Provost Marshal General (proponent and exception authority statement).

o Mandates vehicle registration and use of the Vehicle Registration System on all Army posts (para 2-1a(3)).

o Implements the blood alcohol content 0.08 standard for driving under the influence and/or while intoxicated for adverse administrative actions prescribed in this regulation (para 2-4a(3)).

o Mandates referral of Air Force personnel apprehended for drunk driving (para 2-8j).

o Permits motor vehicle registration provisions to be applied to State-operated or State-owned Army National Guard installations at the discretion of the controlling State Adjutant General, for the purpose of issuing DD Form 2220 (Department of Defense Registered Vehicle), and access to the Vehicle Registration System for tracking DD Form 2220 (chap 3).

o Mandates compliance with local vehicle emission inspections and maintenance of vehicles on military installations (para 3-2e).

o Mandates registration procedures for all Army installations (para 3-3).

o Mandates procedures for surrender of DD Form 2220 (para 3-4).

o Establishes policy for reciprocal agreement with civilian law enforcement agencies to exchange information on infractions by military Army personnel (para 4-17).

o Updates references to Air Force instructions throughout the regulation.


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