AR 195–5

Evidence Procedures
This major revision, dated 22 February 2013–
o Adds policy which makes evidence procedures applicable to Army
counterintelligence (para 1-1).
o Requires evidence custodians to seek supervisor or counsel guidance for
unusual evidence processing, handling, or final disposition not addressed in
this regulation (para 1-4h(4)).
o Removes the specification for the primary evidence custodian of U.S. Army
Criminal Investigation Command units to be an enlisted special agent (para 1-
o Specifies new requirements for DA Form 4137 (paras 1-4h(5), 2-3, 2-4b, and 2-
o Permits the sealing of all evidence by the person collecting the evidence and/
or the evidence custodian and provides requirements for the resealing of an
evidence container (paras 2-2a and 5-2b(3)).
o Provides guidance about the handling, transportation, storage, and shipment
of hazardous chemicals and explosives (paras 2-3m and 2-7e(7)).
o Revises guidance about Contingency Limitation .0015 Funds for criminal
investigative activities (paras 2-3n, 2-3o, and 2-7i).
o Permits the evidence ledgers to be disposed of 3 years after the date that the
last item of evidence listed within it is disposed (para 2-5a).
o Specifies that classified items of evidence will be stored in accordance with
AR 380-5 (para 2-6h).
o Provides additional guidance about physical evidence being sent directly to
the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory before it is sent to a
supporting evidence custodian (para 2-7c(3)).
o Prohibits the release of evidence, that is, photographs or video images of
child exploitation or suspected child exploitation to defense counsel without
an order from a judge (para 2-7j).
o Significantly revises and reorganizes policies and procedures about the final
disposition of evidence (paras 2-8 and 2-9).
o Grants up to 5 working days for resolution of problems regarding evidence that
cannot be located before an official inquiry is initiated (para 3-3a).
o Adds or alters requirements for evidence rooms (paras 4-2b(1), 4-2c(7), and
o Removes most of the policies and procedures specified for the U.S. Army
Criminal Investigation Laboratory (throughout).
o Makes administrative changes (throughout).

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