AR 210–130

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Operations

This rapid action revision dated 22 February 2005–

o Changes proponent from Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4 to Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (proponent and exception authority paragraph).

o Assigns responsibilities to Headquarters, Installation Management Agency (para 1-4).

o Makes administrative and editorial changes (throughout).

This revision dated 15 March 2002–

o Establishes policy requiring major Army command (MACOM)/installation commanders to provide adequate laundry and dry-cleaning (L&DC) services to soldiers and other authorized patrons (para 1-4).

o Describes Army privatization policy for the L&DC Program (para 1-5).

o Assigns responsibility for execution of the L&DC Program to the soldier and the Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) (para 1-4).

o Requires commanders to establish and adjust prices to adequately recover costs for all reimbursable work including selected payroll-deduction service, individual-piece-rate service, and cash-per-bundle service (para 1-4).

o Covers operation of installation L&DC facilities (chap 4).

o Redefines category and priority of service (para 2-5).

o Defines reporting requirements (chap 8).

o Identifies laundry and dry cleaning as a chapter 137, title 10, United States Code requirement (para 2-2).

o Establishes funding guidance (para 2-6).

o Deletes all procedures and includes them in DA PAM 210-9.


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