AR 215–3

Nonappropriated Funds Personnel Policy

This revision, dated 29 August 2003–

o Provides guidance to servicing personnel offices on social security administration and Internal Revenue Services requirements regarding accuracy of social security card numbers (chap 2).

o Reinstates section advertently deleted from original publication (chap 3).

o Provides guidance on leave donation process (chap 5).

o Corrects typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors (app C).

o Defines “Mass Change” (app C).

o Corrects references to G-1 to DCS, G-1.

o Deletes obsolete references and corrects internal references.

Specifically, this revision dated 26 August 2002–

o Corrects typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors throughout the regulation (throughout).

o Corrects errors in the way numbers are notated in table C (appendix C-1).

o Reflects changes to Business Based Actions (appendix C).

The revision of 1 April 2002–

o Changes the title of the regulation to “Nonappropriated Funds Personnel Policy.”

o Changes the proponent from the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel to the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1. The Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel Policy approval is required for both the establishment of or appointment to a Nonappropriated Fund NF-6 position (chap 1).

o Changes from six appointment categories to two appointment categories (chap 2).

o Streamlines non-disciplinary adverse actions (chap 2).

o Incorporates employment preference for Involuntary Separated Military and their dependents (chap 2).

o Limits details to the same or lower grade/level to one year (chap 2).

o Authorizes the use of Temporary Help Firms (chap 2).

o Incorporates requirements of the Crime Control Act of 1990 requiring application information and criminal history checks for employees working with children (chap 2).

o Requires separation of off-duty military upon retirement absent a waiver (chap 2).

o Replaces former Universal Annual, Administrative Support, and Patron Services pay systems with the Army Pay Band System (chap 3).

o Establishes the Child Care Pay System (chap 3).

o Authorizes holiday pay/leave for regular payband employees (chap 3).

o Eliminates discretion regarding local hire living quarters allowance in foreign areas (chap 3).

o Provides new guidance to servicing personnel offices on the acceptance of levies and garnishment orders (chap 3).

o Authorizes recruiting bonus, relocation bonus, and retention allowance (chap 3).

o Ensures overseas allowances and differentials in accordance with DOD 1400.25-M (chap 3).

o Authorizes compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay when requested by Federal Wage System employees (chap 3).

o Requires compensatory time off be used within 26 pay periods, or overtime will be paid at the rate in effect when the work was performed (chap 3).

o Authorizes alternative work schedules for regular full-time and regular parttime employees (chap 4).

o Authorizes telecommuting (chap 4).

o Establishes a mechanism for the remitting of payment for both the employer and employee share of contributions for insurance premiums when an employee is granted leave without pay (chap 5).

o Incorporates the Family and Medical Leave Act (chap 5).

o Provides for expanded use of sick leave (chap 5).

o Authorizes a leave transfer program for Army Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality regular employees on a dollar for dollar basis (chap 5).

o Removes 90 day qualifying period for use of annual leave (chap 5).

o Requires performance rating on flexible payband employees (chap 6).

o Modifies procedures for adverse actions based on unsatisfactory performance (chap 6).

o Requires coordination with the servicing legal office prior to taking any performance based or disciplinary action.

o Authorizes alternative discipline programs (chap 7).

o Replaces former grievance procedure with simplified grievance procedure (chap 8).

o Provides for review above the installation level of business based actions when requested by a regular employee (chap 8).

o Authorizes performance based pay adjustments for pay band employees (chap 9).

o Removes reduction-in-force procedures (chap 10).

o Establishes Business Based Actions (chap 10).

o Establishes reporting requirements for the extension of nonstandard negotiated provisions in a collective bargaining agreement to nonbargaining unit employees (chap 13).

o Recognizes Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and Discontinued Service Retirement as options to involuntary separation (chap 15).

o Specifies limits on life insurance benefits (chap 15).

o Describes the DOD Benefits Plans (chap 15).

o Authorizes retirement service credit for prior retirement plan participation with repayment of refunds (chap 15).

o Establishes the 401(k) Savings Plan (chap 15).

o Revises qualification requirements (app B).

o Revises Standard Terms for Nature of Action, DA Form 3434 (app C).


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