AR 25–1

Army Information Technology

This major revision, dated 25 June 2013–

o Changes the title of the publication from “Army Knowledge Management and Information Technology” to “Army Information Technology” (cover).

o Realigns chapters by five principles: Army information technology management; Web site management; information and security management; enterprise architecture standards and certifications; and installation information technology services and support (para 1-5).

o Incorporates the newly formed Army Cyber Command/Second U.S. Army as the principal organization responsible for Army cyber operations and delineates multiple changes to roles and responsibilities as a result of Cyber Command’s stand-up (chap 2).

o Updates the responsibilities of higher officials as necessary (chap 2).

o Adds requirements for Army organizations to use the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions procurement system (paras 2-16h, 3-4a, and 3-4l).

o Incorporates information management organizations below Headquarters, Department of the Army as a new paragraph (para 2-31).

o Removes knowledge management roles and responsibilities in response to functional roles and missions being realigned in the Army (throughout).

o Deletes Records management, Printing and publishing, Information Assurance, and Visual information chapters and incorporates relevant policy through and into the appropriate chapters (throughout).

o Restructures content in this publication; removes procedural, historical, and background information; and updates paragraphs with authoritative documents and Web sites in order to create a more lean, relevant, and userfriendly document (throughout).

o Removes telecommunications policy for inclusion in a new Army Regulation (throughout).

o Cancels DA Form 3938, Local Service Request (throughout).

o Cancels DA Form 5697, Visual Information (VI) Activity Authorization Responsibility Record (throughout).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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