AR 25–2

Information Assurance

This rapid action revision, dated 23 March 2009–

o Clarifies and corrects references to Department of Defense Directive 8750.1 and Army training requirements (para 4-3).

o Removes incorrect course reference to Information Assurance Manager Course and provides correct information on Certified Information Systems Security Professional modules (para 4-3).

o Removes incorrect information regarding Fort Gordon course topics (para 4-3).

o Removes references to the Asset and Vulnerability Tracking Resource compliance reporting database, which is no longer used, to correctly reference the Army Training and Certification Tracking System (para 4-3).

o Deletes incorrect reference to Skillport for required information assurance training (para 4-3).

o Changes Department of Defense Warning Banner verbiage to comply with Department of Defense directed mandatory guidance (para 4-5).

o Corrects references to the National Information Assurance Partnership (para 6-1).

o Adds mandatory Department of Defense Standardized Notice and Consent User Agreement language (app B-3).

o Updates office symbols and acronyms (throughout).


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