AR 27–55

Notarial Services

This revision–

o Changes the military occupational specialties 71D to 27D, and 550A to 270A (paras 1-7a and 2-2a(1)).

o Changes the address of the Legal Assistance Policy Division (para 1-7c).

o Implements recent legislative changes to 10 USC 1044a(b) authorizing designated civilian employees located outside the United States to perform as military notaries (paras 1-7b and 2-2a(5)).

o Adds the requirement to maintain a notary log (para 3-5b).

o Removes the requirement to include social security numbers of witnesses (fig 4-1).

o Adds appendix B, Military Notary, summarizing notarial authority, duties and guiding principles for military notaries.


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