AR 350–28

Army Exercises

This revision describes changes in administration of the program for military exercises that respond to the following:

o HQDA policy directing Commanding General, Training and Doctrine Command to develop Army tactical level tasks for the Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) (para 1-7b).

o HQDA policy directing Commanding General, Forces Command to develop, coordinate, and execute the Army Mobilization Exercise Program (paras 1-8b and c, 2-3, and 2-4b).

o Nature and type of HQDA exercises (para 2-4).

o Joint Staff guidance relating joint operations and training to the CJCS Joint Exercise and Training Program (para 3-2).

o Installation of the Commercial Ticketing Program (CTP), which provides for commercial air travel of exercise participants when military airlift or commercial air charter proves inefficient or uneconomical (para 5-13b).

o Changes in the Army management control process that supersede the regulations former Internal Control Review Checklist by a shortened Management Control Evaluation Checklist (app C).


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