AR 37–47

Official Representation Funds of the Secretary of the Army

This major revision, dated 18 September 2012–

o Establishes the requirement for a memorandum of authority to designated officials authorizing the expenditures of official representation funds (para 1-4b(3)).

o Assigns responsibility to the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, for compliance with Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum OSD 76576-04; Accountability of Department of Defense Sponsored Foreign Personnel in the United States, dated 18 May 2004 (para 1-4e).

o Requires officials responsible for approving official representation funds to be not lower than members of the senior executive service or general officers (para 1-4f).

o Specifies grade and rank requirements for hosts of events; normally requires members of the senior executive service or general officers as hosts for events (must attend, not just sponsor events) (para 2-1b).

o Revises the level of expenditures for gifts (para 2-4c).

o Describes conditions for using a Government charge card to purchase official representation funds-approved goods and services (para 3-1a(2)).

o Permits certifying officials to allow the Director of Resource Management or equivalent official to authorize marginal cost adjustments (para 3-1d(2)).

o Requires designated officials to appoint, in writing, inventory control officers (para 3-3b).

o Makes administrative changes (throughout).


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