AR 380–10

Foreign Disclosure and Contacts with Foreign Representatives

This administrative revision dated 22 June 2005–

o Replaces the term rationalization/standardization/interoperability with multinational force compatibility.

o Updates references.

o Makes administrative changes throughout. This revision dated 6 June 2003–

o Clarifies the province of foreign disclosure as governing the disclosure of classified military information to foreign governments and international organizations (para 1-4a).

o Assigns the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 with executing responsibilities for the Secretary of the Army as the principal foreign disclosure authority for the Army and with monitoring and coordinating technology protection issues (para 1-5).

o Assigns the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2 the responsibility for providing foreign liaison and protocol support to the Army leadership, oversight of support to distinguished foreign visits to Headquarters, Department of the Army, and administrative support to foreign military attachés resident in Washington, DC (para 1-5).

o Assigns responsibility to organizations for the entry of all first-time disclosure decisions involving classified military information to foreign governments and international organizations into the Security Policy Automation Network (paras 1-5 through 1-14).

o Assigns disclosure authority to the Chief of Staff, Army; Vice Chief of Staff, Army; and Under Secretary of the Army for United States Army-originated classified military information according to the provisions of the National Disclosure Policy (para 2-8).

o Updates the delegated disclosure authority of Headquarters, Department of the Army principals (para 2-8).

o Delineates the role and responsibilities of foreign disclosure officers (paras 2-10, J-6, and K-6).

o Identifies the requirement for foreign disclosure officers to attend the Army Foreign Disclosure Certification Course (para 2-10b).

o Updates the requirements regarding delegation of disclosure authority letters in support of international programs and describes policy and use of position disclosure authority letters (app D).

o Clarifies the definition and requirements regarding recurring visit authorization (app I).

o Updates the policy and procedures involving requests for classified military information by foreign standardization representatives under the American,  British, Canadian, and Australian Armies Standardization Program (app K).

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