AR 380–5

Department of the Army Information Security Program

This revision–

o Emphasizes the responsibilities of Headquarters Department of the Army, the  Commander, the Command Security Manager, the Supervisor, and the Individual (chap 1).

o Updates information relating to Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, Sensitive Compartmented Information, Communications Security Information, and Special Access Program Information (chap 1).

o Expands and clarifies exceptional situations and waivers (chap 1).

o Specifies the process for applying original classification (chap 2).

o Removes the declassification statement Originating Officials Determination Required or “OADR” (para 2-11).

o Changes the distribution process for security classification guides (para 2-18).

o Outlines the procedures for challenges to classification (para 2-22).

o Updates information regarding the Army Declassification Program (chap 3).

o Updates information relating to the deadline for automatic declassification, adding an additional 18 months (para 3-5).

o Gives clearer information in regards to destruction, declassification, purging, and clearing (chap 3).

o Replaces the statement “US ONLY” with “NOFORN” (para 4-6).

o Updates Warning Notices for printed documents and those on Automated Information Systems (para 4-12).

o Lists the obsolete restrictions and control markings (para 4-13).

o Outlines the requirements relating to For Official Use Only (FOUO) information (chap 5).

o Replaces the statement “Limited Official Use” with “Sensitive But Unclassified” (para 5-7).

o Outlines the requirements relating to Drug Enforcement Administration Sensitive Information (chap 5).

o Outlines the requirements relating to Department of Defense Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (chap 5).

o Outlines the requirements relating to sensitive information and the Computer Security Act of 1987 (chap 5).

o Outlines the requirements relating to distribution statements on scientific and technical documents (para 5-24).

o Outlines the requirements regarding the SF 312 (Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) (chap 6).

o Explains the requirements to access Department of the Army classified information by individuals or agencies outside the Executive Branch (para 6-8).

o Adds guidance to the use of speakerphones (para 6-14).

o Updates guidance on classified meetings, conferences, and acquisition meetings (para 6-18).

o Removes the requirement for the Entry/Exit Inspection Program and the TwoPerson Integrity Program (para 6-36).

o Updates the federal specifications for locks (para 7-4).

o Updates procedures for handcarrying of classified material (chap 8).

o Outlines requirements for transportation plans (para 8-7).

o Emphasizes annual refresher training requirements for the security education program (para 9-7).

o Rescinds DA Form 2134 (Security Violation(s) Report) (para 10-3).

o Updates security controls on dissemination and marking of warning notices on intelligence information to include the latest version of Director of Central Intelligence Directive 1/7 (app D).

o Addresses security procedures for documents created for and on automated information systems and Internet web-based display (app E).

o Updates the Management Control Evaluation Checklist (app F, section I).

o Lists and describes the modern army recordkeeping system file numbers associated with this Regulation (app F, section II).

o Updates information of Special Access Programs (app I).

o Updates the abbreviations and terminology lists (glossary).

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