AR 381–10

U.S. Army Intelligence Activities

This rapid action revision, dated 3 May 2007–

o Cancels the protective marking FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.

o Changes major Army command to Army Command, Army Service Component Command, and Direct Reporting Unit throughout the publication.

o Delineates Army Intelligence Components (para 1-1).

o Changes major Army command to Commanders, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and 650th MI Group (para 1-9b).

o Rescinds Computer Trespassers (para 5-16).

o Addresses the consensual intercept of computer trespasser communications and the approval requirements (paras 5-17 and 5-18).

o Adds a provision addressing nonconsensual physical searches of non-U.S. persons outside the United States and the approval authorities (paras 7-4 and 7-5b).

o Clarifies responsibility of commanders to provide access to personnel conducting oversight functions (para 14-3c).

o Clarifies reporting requirements for questionable intelligence activity under Procedure 15 (paras 15-2b, 15-2c(1), 15-2c(4), 15-2d, 15-2e, 15-3a(1), and 15-6c).

o Clarifies requirements for recurring intelligence oversight reporting (paras 15-6d, 15-6d(1), and 15-6d(2)).

This major revision, dated 22 November 2005–

o Adds Army Reserve and Army National Guard responsibilities (paras 1-4k through n).

o Delineates Army intelligence components (para 1-2).

o Adds internet considerations and computer trespassers (paras 1-8, 5-4a, 5-4c, and 5-21).

o Requires the intelligence oversight staff officer to be an intelligence professional (paras 1-4h(7), 1-4i(6), 1-4j(7), 1-4k(6), 1-4m(6), 1-4n(2), and 1-4p(4).

o Expands approval authorities (paras 4-3, 5-7b, 5-8c, 5-20b, 6-4, 7-1a(1), 7-2a(1), 8-3c, 8-3d, 8-4c, 9-4b, 9-5a, 9-5b, and 10-4a).

o Clarifies reporting for questionable intelligence activities (paras15-1, 15-2a, 15-2c through 15-2l, 15-4a and b, and 15-5).

o Clarifies reporting for Federal crimes (paras 16-1, 16-2, and 16-3).

o Adds guidance on force protection support limitations within the United States (paras 17-1 and 17-2).

o Adds guidance on U.S. Army Intelligence participation in multinational intelligence activities (para 17-3).

o Adds guidance on U.S. Army Intelligence participation in joint intelligence activities (para 17-4).

o Adds guidance on U.S. Army Intelligence support to other Department of Defense investigative organizations (para 17-5).

o Changes references to DOD intelligence components and Department of Defense agencies to Army intelligence components and Army agencies throughout, to reflect accurately the applicability of this regulation.


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